Italian Language Courses in Sicily

The teaching in the Italian Language Courses is based on a communicative method. This approach allows the student to acquire the language in a quite spontaneous and natural way. “Authentic” teaching manuals and learning materials from our culture and society (magazines, newspapers, videos, sound recordings and music) are used during the lessons. The course alternates between front of class teaching in classrooms and more playful and practical communication activities, simulations and roleplays. The objective of our course is to make known the language developing the 4 linguistic skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing).

Our courses are aimed at learning the Italian language and culture. The aim is to give our students the possibility to combine an enjoyable holiday period with a deeply interesting and relazing approach to the Italian language and culture.

In the new Study Centre, we will host book presentations with book authors, cultural meetings and debates, art, sculpture and photography exhibitions: A Cultural Centre intended to introduce our foreign hosts to the local community and culture.

The Standard Course of Italian Language provides 2 hours of lessons a day. During the week this alternates between days dedicated to grammar and those focused on conversation, reading and written literary texts. This type of course allows the student to work in a group, use written texts and analyse video and listening materials.

The Individual Course of Italian Language provides one hour and thirty minutes of lessons. Students who have already followed the standard course can further what they have done in class and improve their linguistic capacity above all communicative. Students can choose to follow only individual courses, in which case they will have a more personalised programme according to their linguistic level.

On demand private individual classes to be admitted to the test for the official certifications: CELI and CILS. Cost: 1 hour per lesson 25€.

Once enrolled into a course you will receive to your email address the Test to verify your level of understanding of Italian. It is important that this test is done without the help of other people or a dictionary so as to verify your own personal language level. Your result allows us to place you in the class most suitable to your linguistic knowledge. The first day of lessons you will do a short oral test that will define your true linguistic level.