History of the Mafia and of the Anti-Mafia

“The mafia fears the school more than the law”. Luigi Ciotti quotes Antonino Caponetto to underline the importance of the study of the mafia phenomenon. The History of the Mafia and of the Antimafia course seeks to study in depth the phenomenon of organised crime in our territory.

A course that wishes to give our students cultural elements to know the story and the evolution of the Mafia in order to counteract them.

From Coppola to white-collar we will seek to retrace all of the key events and the evolution of the Mafia phenomenon both at a regional and national level, through looking at interviews with judges and journalists we will clear up some dark Italian stories.

Projection of video interviews and unpublished materials – testimonials – analysis of the phenomenon through official documents.

The course expects an attendance of 2 weeks. Two times a week, every lesson has a duration of 2 hours and thirty minutes.