Sicilian cookery lessons

Those who know the basic rules of cooking cannot miss experiencing the emotions of reading the recipes of Sicilian cookery characterised by the unique aromas as they are in this region.

The lessons are held, by a cook, in the equipped kitchen of the school.

Sicilian cuisine is the expression of the culinary art developed in Sicily since the antiquity and is strictly linked to the historical, cultural and religious events of the island. Since as far back as the Ancient Greeks in Sicily a well-defined habitual culinary style has been developed that with the passing of the centuries has been enriched with new flavours and new dishes, following the historical vicissitudes of the Mediterranean island.

We therefore talk about a regional gastronomic culture that shows traces of and contributions from all the cultures that have established themselves in Sicily in the last two thousand years, handed down from generation to generation as well as in written form. This reason explains why the recipes, from antique origin, are all prepared and served to the table frequently today.


Preparation of starters, preparation of various types of home made pasta: orecchiette, pizzareddhi, sagne, coloured pasta and desserts, preparation of various types of finger food: bruschette, pittole, pizza, focaccia.
Group lessons: 4 days per week ( from Tuesday to Friday). Each lesson has a duration of 3 hours. Individual lessons on request. Even the private lessons have a duration of 3 hours.


Group lessons: 4 days per week ( from Tuesday to Friday)