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Centro didattico mediterraneo


There is a private gym in the Centre where you can practise: Aikido, Tai Chi, Brazilian Jiu jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu jitsu

Brazilian Jiu hitsu (BJJ) is a martial art, a combat sport and self defence system that focuses on grappling and in particular on ground fighting. The discipline was formed as an appendix to Kodokan Judo in the 1920s, when the Master Mitsuyo Maeda taught the basics of ground fighting (ne-waza) to students such as Carlos Gracie and Luis Franca. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then became an art in its own right through experimentation, practise and adaptations made by the Master Helio Gracie and brother Carlos, who then passed their experience onto their family and their students.
50.00 € per month – 3 times a week (Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday) – 5 pm / 6.30 pm – All prices are inclusive of VAT


合気道 (written in Japanese) or also 合氣道 (using a more ancient Japanese) is a psycho-physical Japonese discipline practised with bare hands or with traditional Japanese Budo side-arms, principally: “ken” (sword), “jo” (stick) and “tanto” (dagger).Practitioners are called aikidoka (合気道家). The discipline of Aikido was developed by Morihei Ueshiba (植芝盛平), also called Osensei (翁先生 “Grand Master”) by the aikidoka, from the 1930s. Aikido derived principally from the martial art of Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu, from which however it became distant, developing to be an autonomous discipline, beginning from the end of the 1920s. This is also due to the involvement of Ueshiba with the religion Omoto-kyo. The name aiki-jujutsu is reported in documents of the first students.

Fabio Battiato, Aikido teacher. Diploma di Shodan ottenuto il 17.6.2012 con il Maestro B. Esposito VII Dan Aikikai d’Italia;Diploma di Insegnante per Bambini ottenuto dai Maestri R. Travaglini VI Dan e F. Cozzi Vi Dan presso il Nozomi Dojo di Roma il 9 e 10.3.2013.Partecipazione a seminari Nazionali e Internazionali (semper in fieri).Segue costantemente i seminari nazionali del Direttore Didattico dell’Aikikai d’Italia Hiroshi Tada.Collaborazione con Sebastiano con i Dojo Aikikai Catania e Kyokai Dojo (Catania)

50.00 € per month – 2 times a week (Monday – Wednesday) – 7.15 pm /8.45 pm – All prices are inclusive of VAT


“Supreme ultimate boxing” (太极拳 simply, 太極拳 translated, taijiquan pinyin, t’ai chi ch’uan Wade-Giles), also abbreviated to Taiji or Tai Chi; internal Chinese martial art formed from combat techniques, is known today especially in the West as a form of training and a preventative medical technique.

One of the characteristics that has given extreme notoriety to Taijiquan is its use for health benefits. Whether this correlation is true or alleged, there are many studies about it.
50.00 € per month -2 times a week (Tuesday – Thursday) – 2pm 3pm – All prices are inclusive of VAT


All prices are inclusive of taxes and VAT.



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